Rising Idiot was started on 28 November 2016. When we started it we have only one motive i.e learning. We have the great passion for Technology and we always try to learn new thing. We don’t know how to setup a website/Blog. We have started from scratch and we have faced many problems like all other Newbies but our passion always help us to overcome those problems and we are still learning…

Before starting Rising Idiot we use to write blog posts on Blogger/Blogspot. At that time we realize the real usage of internet and computers. Before that, we use the internet just for using social networks and downloading movies and we thought that computers are just for playing games.

So we bought a domain and hosting and start using WordPress. It takes about 2 months to completely understand WordPress, and then we started our own blog. Our first reason is that we want to help peoples to follow their passion. And second reason to start this blog is to share our Knowledge/Experience with other peoples who also want to learn new things. And the third reason is money.