Why you cannot make money as a Professional Blogger

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You may have seen many bloggers including me who are making more than 50k every month. You also want to make money like professional bloggers.
But are you actually making good money?
Or Are you a blogger who is struggling to make money online?
There is no doubt that blogging has changed the life of every single person for good. Still, there are so many bloggers who failed to make even $10/month.
What is the reason behind that?
Well, today I am going to share all the reasons that are pulling you back.


1) No Investment/Wrong Investment:

When it comes to starting a blog that generates money, you have to make some investment. Many people start with free blogging platform (Blogger & wordpress.com) in hope of earning money like Pro Bloggers.

But the truth is:

I have never seen free blog ranking top in search engines. In free blogging platforms, you don’t own your content and they do not allow to monetize your blog properly.

You should choose what is best? Not just go for anything that is cheap.You have to buy a domain name, web hosting, attractive theme and even some plugins.

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2) You are not focused:

The big reason why most of the newbie bloggers fail to make money is that they are not focused on what they are doing. Either they are continuously changing their niche or theme to find out which will help them to make more money.
They do not stick with one plan. They are just wasting money and time.

3) Running after money:

Most of the time people start blogging for money and they want to become rich overnight.
The only thing that can help you to make money is your efforts and you may already know that you can`t give your 100% in one day. It takes a time to plan, work and work hard.
Those who just think that by creating the blog they will make millions, actually face the failure.

4) Laziness:

Laziness is always the big cause of failure. Being too busy is also another kind of laziness. I have seen people who open Facebook to share their post but spend hours chatting with others.
You may not want to write articles or just want to live with guest posts. You should be ready to work on every part of blogging.

5) Discipline:

Discipline is the key to success. You can`t make money online by jumping from one way to another. It is always good for you and your readers also if you stick with the one way and utilize its full potential.

6) You have no interest in blogging:

Some people start blogging to make money but they do not have any interest in the topic they are blogging about. This is the serious issues.
How can you expect someone to like your blog when you don`t like it.
Always do blogging only if you have the passion for learning and sharing.

These are the 6 reasons which cause you less earning as a professional blogger.
Either you should fix the issues or you should find something better for yourself.


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