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Web Hosting

When someone wants to start their blog it became very tough to go with right web hosting. Because there are numerous hosting providers and they also offer different packages which make it more confusing.

And if you are a non-technical user then it became more difficult.

So in this post we will learn:

  • Different types of hosting
  • Factors which you should consider before choosing hosting service.

What is web host?

 Web hosts are companies that provide an online storage for storing your website data. Data are stored on servers, and the service of providing storage is known as web hosting. Data can be of any type; it can contain text, audio, video, etc.

The importance of web hosting:

Web hosting plays an important role and has the direct impact on your blog’s page loading time and your page loading time has the direct impact on your rankings.

It doesn’t matter are you a blogger, web designer, business owner, if you have a website which is very slow and takes minutes to load a single page, then nobody will like to visit your site again.

Even Search Engines don’t like your website if it loads very slowly.

Different types of Hosting:

There is the different type of hosting available and they have their pro’s and cons. You can choose to host according to your needs.You should know your needs before choosing a hosting service and plan.

Free Hosting:-

When any one hears the word free then people get attracted to it and its a human nature. Same thing happens with the free web hosting. We don’t give the second thought to it and we decided to go with the free hosting service.

Free hosting service provides you limited storage, limited bandwidth and they don’t provide any technical support to you.

I am not saying that free web hosting is bad. But if you are serious about your work then you should not go with free web hosting service.

Shared web Hosting(Best for New Bloggers):-

Shared web hosting is the best option for new bloggers. It is cheap as compared to other hosting packages.

In shared web hosting multiples of the website are hosted on the same server and they share the storage and resources and this made it cheap.

Since storage and resources are shared with others it can make it vulnerable and sometimes slow.

You also get technical support with shared hosting.

Recommended hosting:

Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting:-

In dedicated hosting, you got the separate server for your blog and you don’t have to share resources with others.

You have full control over your server and it makes it more secure and fast. But it is more costly than shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting is the good choice for those who want more security and speed.

VPS Hosting:-

VPS stands for virtual private server. Virtual Private Server hosting is a combination of dedicated and shared hosting.

In VPS hosting dedicated hosting is shared between numbers of users. They share the resources but storage is allocated equally to all the users. This made VPS hosting cheap as compared to dedicated hosting.

Reseller Hosting:-

In reseller hosting, the owner buys hosting from a company and he can resell that hosting to other customers. He can allocate the storage and bandwidth for each customer’s website. These type of hosting is the best option for those who create the website for customers.

Note: If you want to choose to host your blog then shared hosting must be the best choice for you.

Factors to be considered before choosing the web hosting:

If you have read this post and decided which hosting package is best for you then you should know which web hosting company should you choose. So following are some criteria which you should check before buying the hosting from any company.


Price is the major factor in choosing the web hosting. When you are just starting your blog you don’t have too much to spend. So you should choose a web hosting which must be affordable and fulfill all your requirements. So if you are spending money so you should get the best thing in return.

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth:-

Storage and Bandwidth vary from person to person and type of website. But usually, you should select unlimited space and bandwidth.

Server uptime:-

Server uptime is the amount of time for which server should be operational. So before choosing the hosting, you should know how much uptime does your hosting company provide. Usually, best companies provide 99% uptime. so you should select the company which provides 99% uptime.

Technical support:-

Before buying the hosting package you should check does hosting provider provides technical support. If you are not from an IT background then it is must for you because you have to face many problems in starting days.

If you face any problem then you can get in touch with them and they help you to solve your problem and it can help to focus on other things. Most hosting provider like  SitegroundBluehost and Hostgator provide tech support to their user.

User reviews:-

At present every person did some research before buying. So you should also do some research and reads reviews about hosting company. Reviews can help you to make a decision.

And the best part is:

You can know its pros and cons before buying it.

Upgrade Support:-

Consider you have bought a plan with limited hosting space and bandwidth when you start your blog and now your blog got the huge amount of traffic.

Then what would you do in that case?

If your hosting company provide upgrade features then you can easily upgrade your package and get rid of that problem.

But if your hosting company does not provide this features then you have to migrate to other hosting company and this can lead to wastage of time, resources and money.

There are further some more features which you can consider:-

  • Free Domain name
  • Auto Installers
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Hardware support
  • WordPress compatibility
  • Custom Cpanel

So these are the points which you should consider before buying a hosting package from any hosting company.

If you like this post share it with others and if you have any suggestions and queries feel free to comment below.


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