Schema Theme Review: Fastest SEO WordPress Theme

As being a Mythemeshop user I like Mythemeshop’s themes. Mythemeshop not only provides premium themes and plugins they also provide 100 % free themes and plugins with lifetime update features.

Today I am reviewing Schema theme.

The Schema is one of the most popular themes of Mythemeshop. Schema theme is the simplest theme with most of the advanced features. Schema is not like other fancy looking themes which are too heavy that will make your site slow.

It is designed for fast loading and it focuses more on your content and makes your content visible to search engines. And I like the Schema for its simplicity.

schema theme


Important Features of Schema Theme:

Schema theme developers are saying that it is the fastest SEO theme. In this post, I am going to test what they are saying is true or not.

Why should themes be SEO optimized?

We all know that search engines are the best source of traffic. If your theme is SEO optimized than search engine bots can understand your content better. As a result, your blog gets higher rankings in SERPs that will increase your traffic.

Is Schema SEO optimized?

A theme is determined as SEO optimized if it has following features:

  • Super Fast loading time
  • Responsiveness
  • Social Media integration
  • Supports most of plugins and widgets

1. Super Fast loading time:

Page loading time plays an important role in ranking of your site on search engine. Because search engines show the best result to their users. If your site is slow then there are chances that your blog does not get higher rankings.

So to check out page loading time I have installed schema theme on one of mine sites.

I have hosted this site on shared hosting and I have not done any optimization.

Schema theme review

Since its loading time is quite good but it can be better by using:

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You can use following tools to check page loading time of your site:

  1. Gtmetrix
  2. Thinkwithgoogleschema theme review

2. Responsiveness:

For SEO optimized themes responsiveness is another important factor. A theme should be 100% responsive. It should show beautifully on all devices and adapt to any screen sizes.

Nowadays mobile users are increasing day by day and most of the people use their mobile devices for browsing the internet.

Search engines also promote the mobile-friendly sites in search results. So it will help your site in Search engine optimization and also increases traffic of your site.

3. Social media integration:

Social media not only help in increasing traffic but Search engines are also counting Social signals as ranking factors. So it became important for you that you should choose a theme which provides features to integrate your site with social media. It should also provide features to share your content on the various social media platform.

Schema theme came up with various social media profiles. You can easily link your site to social media profiles.

In Schema you can add social profile links in the header section.

schema theme review

Also, schema theme has predefined social sharing buttons. You don’t have to install the third party social sharing plugins.

It Supports following social media icons:

  • StumbleUpon
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Share
  • Facebook Like
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest

You can easily enable or disable the social sharing buttons. It provides 3 positions for social sharing buttons:

  • Above content
  • Below content
  • Floating

4. Support Most of the plugins and widgets:

Schema theme supports almost every types of plugins and widgets. Here is a list of  famous  plugins which are supported by Schema:

  • WP Total cache
  • WP Quiz
  • WP Review
  • WP Subscribe
  • Wp Tab widget
  • Wp Mega Menu
  • Wp Notification bar
  • WP Translate
  • Wp Backup

It also supports third-party plugins.

How to Buy and install schema Theme:

  1. You can Click here and  Signup for Mythemeshop Membership and login into your account.
  2. Buy Schema theme.
  3. After buying Schema you can find it on your Dashboard.
  4. You can download it on clicking on theme files.

    Schema theme review

  5. Now login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  6. Click on Appreance> Themes> Add New> Upload> Install.

    Schema theme review

After Installing the theme it recommends you to install some plugins. You can install them if you want otherwise you can skip it.

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Schema theme review

Schema Theme option Panel:

Schema theme option panel

General Setting:

Schema theme review
In General settings you can change:

  • Logo Image
  • Favicon
  • Touch Icon
  • Metro Icon
  • Twitter Username
  • Feed Burner URL
  • Header Code
  • Footer Code
  • Pagination type
  • Post on blog pages
  • Responsiveness

2. Performance:

Schema theme review

Performance setting helps to increase the performance of your site. In performance setting you can enable:

  • Prefetching
  • Lazyload
  • Async Javascript
  • Use cache

3. Styling Options:

Schema theme review

In Styling option you can change:

  • Color Scheme
  • Layout Style
  • Background Color
  • Custom CSS

4. Header:

Schema theme review

This option allows you to change:

  • Header styling
  • Floating Navigation Menu
  • Primary Menu
  • Show Logo
  • Header Social Icons

5. Home Page:

Schema theme review

Home Page setting you got options for:

  • HomePage slider
  • Homepage thumbnail size
  • Homepage post meta
  • Featured categories

6. Footer:

Schema theme review

  • You can enable/disable footer
  • Change footer Background Color
  • Add Footer Image
  • Add Copyright text

7. Single Posts:

Schema theme review

In Single Post setting, you can adjust:

  • Single post layout
  • Meta Info
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Comments

8. Social Buttons:

In social Buttons setting, you can enable or disable social sharing button.

Schema theme review

9. Ad Management:

Schema theme review

You can Show:

  • Header Ad
  • Below Post Title Ad
  • Below Post Content

11. Sidebars:

Schema theme review

In sidebar option, you can set the different sidebar for different pages, categories, archive.

12. Navigation:

Navigation setting allows you to change Menu Setting.

13. Typography:

Schema theme review

In Typography option, you can change Font, Font color, Font size

14. Import/Export:

Schema theme review

Import/Export option you can import preset layouts. Schema theme has 2 preset layouts:

  • Default
  • Minimal

Similarly, you can create a child theme with one click through this option.


You can open support form if you face any technical issue.

Some other features of Schema WordPress Theme are:

  • Secure, Lightweight Code
  • Google Algorithm Friendliness
  • Clearly Identifiable Content and Media
  • Built-in Reviews
  • Rich Snippets
  • All Google Fonts
  • 2 Header Designs
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Markup
  • Translation Ready

Schema Theme will help you in:

  • Higher Ad Earnings
  • More Page Views
  • Higher Search Rankings
  • Improved User Experience
  • Cross-Browser and Device Compatibility


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