Start Your WordPress Blog in 2017

Wants to start your own WordPress blog/website?

In this article, we discuss how to start WordPress blog.

Most people want their websites/blog but due to lack of knowledge, it is not possible for them.

Most of the beginners think that website making is difficult and need lots of coding, time and money and they become confused from where to start and what are the tools to make a website.

Making a website is not very easy but it is not very tough. It totally depends on your passion and how much time you give to your passion.

Some of the people know about HTML Java CSS and other types of script languages, they also know how to make web pages even they didn’t know how to start websites/blog.

In this article, we discuss how to create WordPress website/blog. Before we start how to create a self-hosted blog let I tell you what is a blog?

What is a blog?

Some of you have heard the term blog and some of you want to know about the blog. A website or web page which contain useful information and that information can be seen anywhere on the internet. Information provided by a blog can be in any form like text, audio, and videos etc.


Requirement to create your own website/blog

  1. Domain name (name and address of your website/blog).
  2. Hosting account (Online storage which stores your website/blog data).

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Domain name is part of a network that identifies particular website like,, and other websites. It’s like a phone number. Domain name is also the address of a website.  The domain name of two websites cannot be same. As you know there are many types of domain are present on the internet like

.gov (used by government agencies )



.in, .pk, .uk,…….. ( these are the country code top-level domain), and other types of domain.

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Hosting account or web host

A web host is generally an online storage which stores your website/blog data. Data can be of any type, it can contain text, audio, video etc. Every website needs hosting to store data. You can go with Bluehost & Hostgator.


Domain and hosting are only two things which are compulsory to start your own website/blog.

Steps so start a WordPress blog

1)Choose topic for your blog

There are many types of people in the world.  All people have different knowledge and different interest. So I suggest you write that topic on your blog about which you are interested.

There are many blog topics that can you wrote on your blog /website-

  • Technology
  • Tricks
  • Travelling
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Food
  • Web designing
  • WordPress

These are some blog topics. You can choose any one topic from the above list if you are interested.

2)Choose a domain name and web host 

Domain name is the name of your blog or address of your blog. Choose .com domain because most of the time users search .com when browsing. Choosing a domain name is very important, difficult and funniest process.

Important because:

 The Domain name is like your company name and It is like your identity.

Difficult and funny because:

All easily pronounceable and compatible names with .com extension are already taken.

How to choose a domain name?

  • Always go with .com
  • Always choose short domain
  • Choose your topic related domain name
  •  Choose an easily pronounceable domain name.
  • Always try to choose different domain
  • If you don’t have any plan then choose your name. 

Web host:

A web host is generally an online storage which stores your website/blog data. Data can be of any type, it can contain text, audio, video etc. Every website needs hosting to store data.

There are two types of domain name and web host

i) Free                                                  ii) Paid 

There are many differences between free and paid service. Paid services are better than free service.  Paid service provide many facilities like unlimited storage, good bandwidth, 24/7 support etc on another hand free service provide limited storage approximately 1 to 2 GB  without any support.

How to get a domain or a web host?

For paid service, there are many websites on the internet they provide domain name and hosting they are Bigrock, Bluehost, Hostgator, WordPress and many other. You can buy a domain or web hosting on these websites.

HostGator Web Hosting

3)Install WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) built on PHP and My SQL and it is open source software. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and millions of the websites are powered by WordPress.

To create a website we need coding to avoid coding we need scripts one of which is WordPress.

Why should you use WordPress?

  • Free
  • Open source
  • Easy to install
  • Easily customization
  • Free themes
  • Free plugins
  • GUI
  • SEO friendly
  • Very easy to use

Some of you know about WordPress also read its advantages but didn’t know how WordPress works and how it install on a website/blog. It is due to the absence of domain or hosting.

How to install WordPress?

  • Login to your hosting CPanel
  • You see many icons one of which is WordPress. click on it


  • After clicking on WordPress a page is open like this. Then click on install nowwordpress
  • You have to select the protocol. If you have SSL certificate installed then you should choose https://www otherwise choose http://www from options.
  • Now it will ask you to choose the domain name, add admin username, password, and email address. Fill admin email address carefully because you will get notifications and password reset options in case you forgot your username/password.
  • Then hit the install button.
  • It will take few minutes to install and it will show you confirmation message after successful installation and it will also provide you administrative URL by which you can customize your Website/Blog

4)Install theme and edit your blog

Theme play an important role on a website. A good looking website attracts the user. So make your blog beautiful as it possible.

Recommended theme:

How to  install themes

  • OpenWordPress dashboard
  • At left-hand side click Appearance>theme>Add new
  • You can see many themes also you can install one of them on your WordPress blog. You can also upload another theme on your blog simply Appearance>theme>add new.


5)Install  Plugins


OpenWordPress dashboard

At left-hand side click on Plugins. A page is open like this


There are two way to install plugins

  1. upload plugin
  2. Search and install plugins which are present in WordPress

There are thousands of plugins are in WordPress  to know important plugins for newbie blogger you can read this article

You can  also check:

 8 Types Of Plugin Without Which Newbie Bloggers Can’t Survive

Wrap up:

If you want to start your own blog/website and you don’t have much technical knowledge then WordPress would be the best option for you. It can save your lots of time and money.


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