3 Best Blogging Lessons You can Learn From Gardening

Blogging lessonsFor some peoples Blogging and Gardening can be a hobby while for others it can be a source of income.

If you are one of those who wants to make living out of blogging you need to learn the best blogging lessons.

But it is not easy to digest:

Gardening can teach you best blogging lessons.

You must be thinking I am kidding.

No, I am not.

Blogging and gardening are so similar that you can learn most of the blogging lessons from it.

Starting a blog is like planting a seed. You need to take special care of your blog and treat it like a small plant.

So in this post, I am sharing 3 Best Blogging Lessons you can learn from gardening.

1. It takes an effort to Grow Something:

EffortsMost of the people want to earn money but not want to do the efforts. They need to understand that blogging takes efforts.

The efforts you make will decide the results. If you are ready to make efforts to be ready to eat the fruits but it may take some time.

Every plant needs special care, especially on initial days your blog needs too.

As Plants need sunlight and water for proper growth your blog requires Proper content and marketing strategy.

And you can forget the SEO it is the most important part. SEO is like fertilizer that can make or break your site.

As fertilizers can increase the growth rate of plants similarly SEO can increase your blog growth if done in the proper way. But if done in wrong way it will harm your blog.

2. As you Sow so shall you Reap:

You may have heard the Proverb:

As you sow so shall you Reap

If you want to enjoy the mango fruits you have to plant the Mango trees. You can’t expect Mango fruits from the Apple tree.

And the same thing goes with Blogging. You need to be clear about your Blogging Niche and Monetization Techniques from day one.

Everyone wants to earn money from their blog. There is nothing wrong with that.

But most of the bloggers made a mistake of selecting the niches that don’t pay well.

You need to admit that are some niches that pay well while others do not pay that much.

What I want to say is don’t just run after the niche you are passionate about. You need to take a look at other aspects too.

If you try to plant an aquatic plant in the desert land that not gonna happen. You need to understand where to puts effort to get the best result.

But if you are a complete beginner I advised you to start with the niche you have some interest. This will keep you motivated even on bad days and help to focus on learning.

Once you got an idea and experience you can go for more fruitful niches and churn out money.

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3. Don’t Expect Fruit From the First Day:

Have you heard the Chinese Bamboo Tree Story?

This story is the perfect example of patience and persistence.

When the bamboo tree is planted it doesn’t show any growth during four years but in 5th year it grows up to 80 meters.Blogging lessons

Everyone wants the quick result that’s why most of the bloggers quit within first 6 months.

As you can’t expect fruit from the first day you also can’t expect the quick result from your blog.

Blogging is not a quick money making scheme. It takes time and if you want to succeed in blogging you need to show some patience and persistence.

Final Words:

Blogging can be one of the best ways to make money online but it isn’t that easy. It requires lots of effort and dedication.

If you are ready to learn and put some efforts your chances of survival are high.

In the end, my advice to Newbie Bloggers is that you need to to be patient (Ateast 1 Year) if you want success in your blogging career.

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