12 Common Blogging Mistakes That Can kill Your Blog

Hello Everyone,

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You must agree with me:

Everyone has done some mistakes in their life.

Because No one is perfect.

If you are a Blogger then you have also done many blogging mistakes. I am saying this because I have also done many mistakes which you will find later in this post.

It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you have made.


The only one thing that matters is what you have learned from your mistakes. If you are learning from your mistakes then it is ok.


If you are doing same mistakes again and again then nothing could help you and you have to regret in future.

” A Wise persons learn from other people’s mistake “

So I am sharing Some Blogging mistakes which you should avoid

Blogging mistakes are generally done in two phases:

  • Before starting a blog
  • After starting a blog

Before starting the blog:

You can say it is the Planning phase. It is the time at which you have to make too many choices. At this time you also have to take decisions. So you have to plan everything.

If you have not done proper planning then your situation would become like a person:

Who have to dive from Aeroplane without any parachute, and you better know what will be the result of that.

So let’s start with the mistakes which were done in this phase:

1. Take the random decision to start:

Many upcoming bloggers made the random decision of starting a blog without giving a second thought to it. Some people start the blog just because another person is doing the same thing and he is making income from it. So they decided to start a blog.

I accept that:

There is no best time to start. You have to start now.

But you have to make some planning before making the start. When you make a start without any plan then the result may not be in your favor. After Some time they realize that they are not made for blogging. So they start scolding other people.

 2. Think Blogging is an easy task:

Another Blogging mistake is that peoples think blogging is an easy task. Just you have to write a post and hit publish.

What would be difficulty in it?

If you think the same thing then you are wrong.

Blogging requires lots of hard work. You have to improve yourself day by day. You have to manage too many things at the same time. Blogging is not limited to just writing the post. Blogging is the combination of writing skill, SEO, marketing skill etc. You have to promote your content daily.

3. Getting rich overnight:

money fall

If you are thinking you will start a blog and money will start flowing then it would be your biggest mistake. Then you should do something else.

It is true that blogging has the good scope of earning money but it is not as easy as it seems.

It requires lots of hard work and dedication. You have to build a relation of trust with your readers. If you are able to do so then nobody could stop you from earning money.

4. Choosing the wrong niche:

Niche can be defined as the topic about which you will write in your blog. You have to decide your niche before starting your blog. Most people made the mistake of choosing wrong blogging niche. They have no idea what they will post on their blog. So they will decide to chose too many topics. If you are not clear about what you are doing, then no one would like to visit your blog.

So if you have to choose a niche for your blog so always go with your passion.

For example:

If you are Health freak then you should Health and fitness as your niche.

5. Choosing the wrong domain and hosting:

You have to choose the right domain name and hosting for your blog.Don’t choose random names for your blog. If you want to choose a domain name for your blog then you should check these points:

  • Easy to spell
  • Short and simple
  • Unique
  • Go with .com

If you want to choose to host for your blog then you should consider following points:

  • Server uptime
  • Disk space
  • Bandwidth
  • Technical support
  • Upgrading feature

Recommended Hostings:

Blogging mistakes after starting the blog:

This is the stage in which your plans turn out to a reality. If you have don’t make any mistake till now then you must feel happy. At this stage, you have to focus on customizing your blog, creating valuable content, promotions and many more things. And At this stage, many bloggers made some silly mistakes which can lead them to failure.


“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.”

Blogging mistakes did after starting the blog:

6. Use of nulled/Pirated themes and Plugins:

You have decided to use nulled themes/plugins.

And you must be thinking that:

You will save lot’s of money by using nulled themes. This could be your biggest blogging mistake.

But here is a catch:

Nulled themes can contain malicious codes and scripts in it. If you are using these themes on your blog then there are chances of getting hacked. Bloggers who use premium themes are not fools. They know what is the risk of using nulled themes and they take security as the main priority.

Recommended Themes:

If you don’t have enough budget then you can also use free themes, which is the better option than using nulled themes.

7. Copying content from other bloggers:

Writing a good content requires lots of time and energy and for copying that content it hardly takes 5 seconds. People copy content for different reasons but copying is not a good idea. It can ruin your blogging career.

If you want to share some good quality content with your readers then you should ask permission from Author of that content.

8. Ignoring SEO:

SEO can help you to make your blog visible to search engines. When I started blogging I didn’t focus on SEO. That was my mistake. At that time SEO is like rocket science for me.

I was ignoring SEO completely.


I got to know about Yoast SEO plugin at after few days. And now for me, SEO is just limited to Yoast SEO plugin.

When I didn’t get the result then is was thinking that SEO is Just an illusion/SEO is dead.

Then I started learning more about SEO and after some time I can see the results.

So you should not Ignore SEO.

9. Using No images/Copyright images:

Many bloggers make mistakes of not using images in their blog post. And those who uses images they made mistakes of using copyright images (unintentionally).

If you are not using images on your blog then you should use images. Images make your post more attractive and engaging.

And if you are using images from google search then these images can be subjected to copyright and google can penalize you if you use copyright images without any permission from site owner.

You can Find copyright-free images from:

  • Pixabay
  • Unsplash

10. Not promoting your content:

You are writing the content and no one is visiting your blog.

Does this happen to you?

If yes, then this also happened with me at starting days of my blogging. I was focusing just on writing the content. And I was hoping that google will send traffic to my blog.

This was my another blogging mistake.

I was ignoring SEO and I am also not promoting content on social media. But I was excepting traffic in return. I was a fool at that time.

So if you want traffic and want to stay motivated then start promoting your content from day one.

11. Not collecting emails:

If you are not collecting emails on your blog and think that collecting emails the just waste of time then you are wrong. You should start collecting emails from day one.

Because you can get targeted traffic from emails. In some cases, if your blog got penalized and there is the huge drop in organic traffic then email list can help you to overcome.

12. Lose Hope:

The biggest mistake that one could do in his life is losing hope. Many bloggers lose hope when they don’t get the desired result.

Never lose hope, what happens if you have don’t succeed. You must learn from your mistakes. Failure can give you a chance of making a new start.

Wrap up:

If you have started a blog so you should try to avoid these blogging mistakes especially the last one. So I would end up with this quote:

Life’s real failure is when you don’t realize how close you were to success when you gave up

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