How to choose Right WordPress Theme For Your Blog

Are you searching for a right WordPress theme for your blog?

But you are not sure which theme is suitable for your blog then you are at right place.

wordpress theme selection

In this post, you will learn:

  • Why you need a nice & clean blog layout
  • 10 Factors you should consider before buying the theme
  • Paid Vs Free themes: Which one you should use and why?

Why Nice & Clean Blog layout is important?

It doesn’t matter you are a Blogger, Digital marketer, Businessman, and a Freelancer everyone needs a website if they want to grow their business.

Along with a good content, your website/blog needs a nice and clean layout if you want to survive in an online field.

If your website/blog is nicely designed it will definitely attract more readers and they will love to explore your site.

On the flip side if your readers can’t read what you have written just because of bad blog layout and improper fonts then you will not only lose current as well as future readers.

In that case, with loss of every single reader, you are also losing your revenue too.

There are themes like Schema theme and Genesis Framework which increases the visibility of content on search engines which resulted in the increase of revenue.

Some important factors you can’t Ignore before Buying a WordPress theme:-

1. Decide What you want:

wordpress theme selection

The first thing you should consider is what you want? If you don’t know what type of styling and layout you want in your theme then it’s going to be very difficult for you to select the perfect theme.

For this, you can take help from other blogs. You can check out blogs of top bloggers and get an idea for your theme.

Here are few points which you should know:

  • Blog layout
  •  A static front page or a regular one
  • Color scheme

If you will decide these points that will save your time and you will not keep switching to different themes.

2. Niche:

wordprrss theme selection

Niche also plays an important role in theme selection. Different themes are designed for different niches. e.g Technology, Fashion and Viral News etc.

These themes have different layouts according to the nice and they are designed to get most of the value from the traffic.

For instance, Technology and News Niche blogs get their revenue from Adsense and other Ad networks. So Tech & News niche themes are designed for more getting more clicks on ads.

On the flipside, for Fashion niche blogs affiliate marketing is the major source of income so prospective of themes are to increase affiliate sale.

So it became necessary to find your Niche and choose theme accordingly.

3. Simple & Responsive Design:

A responsive theme means that adapt all screen size or fit in all screen such that mobile, tablet or PC.

Today mobile users are growing exponentially and everyone uses their Mobile phones for surfing the internet and buying products online.

If your design is simple and responsive it will increase your reader’s engagement on your blog that will lead to increase in ranking and revenue.

So responsiveness of a theme is an important factor and you should not ignore it.

4. Speed optimized:

wordpress theme selection

Site loading time also plays an important role because fast loading site got higher rankings in search engine results. For fast loading site, you will need a speed optimized theme.

There are many themes that claim to be the fastest WordPress theme. But when it came to Speed optimized themes Mythemeshop and StudioPress are the best theme providers.

I personally like Schema theme and Genesis framework. Both the themes are cleanly coded and you can use these themes on any blogs.

if you want to check your page loading time you can use following websites:



5. SEO Friendliness:

wordpress theme selection

When we talk about SEO optimization most people talk off-Site SEO and  Optimizing content. Very few people talk about On-Site SEO.

SEO simply starts with your Site structure. If you are using cleanly coded and SEO friendly WordPress theme and your site structure are good then you don’t need to worry.

SEO optimized theme supports code, which allows you to output microdata in your site’s code and search engines can understand your content better.

If you use Genesis Framework then you don’t need external SEO plugin because all necessary features are integrated into Genesis theme by Studiopress.

6. Support Third Party Plugins:

Plugins make your work easy and there are many important plugins which are provided by the third party providers.

Especially the social sharing plugins. with most of the themes old styled Social sharing buttons are provided which looks very dull and boring.

In that case, you have to install external plugins to enhance the capability of your theme. If your theme is not compatible with third-party plugins then you should switch to another one.

7. Easily customizable:

wordpress theme selection

A theme should be easy to use and customize. For every single task, you don’t need to change the code and install a new plugin.

It should provide a separate menu to customize your theme. So it will be easy to remember and access the theme settings.

8. Browser Independent/Hardware Independent:

wordpress theme selection

Your blog should open and work smoothly on every single device and browser. there should not be any browser and device compatibility issues with your theme.

You can test this out by checking out the demo of the themes in different browsers and devices.

9. Update & Technical Support:

I don’t know how many people think this as an important factor.

They download the free themes which have been not updated from since few years. These themes can be vulnerable to many security risks. And you will risk your blog if you use those themes on your blog.

So you should consider a theme provider that provides regular updates with support.

Free Vs Paid: Which WordPress Theme is good?

You can use freely available WordPress theme on your blog but for the paid theme you have to spend some money.

Free themes could be a good choice if you have just started and don’t have too much to spend on your blog.

But believe me, paid themes are better than the free ones and are value for money.

Why am I saying this?

Because free themes have limited features and you can’t customize the layout completely.

But paid themes are fully customizable. You can transform paid theme completely from header to footer.

And you will also get regular updates & 24X7 customer support which are important as from security point of view.

Other than that it also helps your blog to stand out from the crowd. If you use free theme it makes your blog looks like every second blog on the internet because most of the people don’t want to spend money.

Final words:

If you serious about blogging and want that your blog should stand out from the crowd then along with a killer content you need a perfect blog theme.

Here is a list of some Recommended theme providers which provides Fast loading, SEO optimized, Free and Paid themes:

Mythemeshop   (Personally Recommended)

Studiopress (Genesis)


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