8 Tips To Get More Traffic & Money Without Creating New Content

I am sure you will agree with me:

After starting a blog your next goal is to drive traffic and earn some money from it.

And for driving traffic you must have tried out different methods.  Even some of them have worked for you and some don’t.

The foolproof method to drive traffic is:

Published fresh content on daily basis and share it over social media and wait for SEO to kick in.

But creating new content daily is not possible for everyone. So in this post, I will share with you how you can increase your traffic and income with your old blog posts.

Now you have to follow 2 steps to increase your traffic and money:

  1. Identify Popular Posts
  2. Optimize popular posts to maximize page views and revenue

Now the question is how to identify popular posts?

Identifying your popular posts is not a difficult task. You can check out the following things:

  • Post getting lots of social shares
  • Post with lots of comments
  • Posts which are getting traffic from search engines
  • Posts which get most of the views

You can check them out manually but that is time-consuming or you can make use of some free tools and plugins to identify your popular post.

So let’s start with the list of tools/plugins which help you to identify popular posts:

1. Buzzsumo:

popular posts

Buzzsumo is an online tool which helps you to identify which content is performing better in terms of social engagement and backlinks. You can use this tool find the trending content and you can check out the performance of content of your own blog. Also, you can spy content which worked for your competitors.

popular posts

2. Google Analytics:

Google analytics is a tool provided by Google which helps you track your website traffic. You can use Google analytics to:

  • Track website traffic
  • Source of traffic
  • Popular content
  • Places where your readers are located
  • Device they use for browsing the internet

You can use Google analytics to find popular posts on search engines. To do this:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  3.  Now you can see the list of pages which get most of the organic traffic.

popular posts

3. Jetpack:

Jetpack is a multi-purpose plugin. You can use Jetpack for Social Sharing, Security, Site stats and much more.

You can check which posts are working better for you blog. Jetpack allows you to see the top post of a day, week, month, year and of all time.

popular posts

You can also track where readers are clicking. If users are clicking the link to other blogs then you can create the same content and replace the link with your link.

4. Popular posts widget:

popular posts

You can find popular post widget in Appearance > Widgets section in WordPress dashboard. You can’t rely 100% on this widget but you can take an idea from this widget.

Now I am sure you have Identified the posts which are popular over search engines and Social Media.

8 Tips to optimize your old posts for more traffic and money

1. Analyze content and take necessary steps:optimize popular post

After publishing a popular post your next step should be to analyze that content.

You should check out:

  • What are the key elements of that post?
  • Are you getting traffic from social media or from search engines?

Once you got the answers you have to work on the weak points of that post. If you are getting traffic only from social media then you need to work on SEO (Search engine optimization).

For that, you have to do keyword research and find some low competition keywords with high volumes and then incorporate them into your post.

You also have to create some high-quality backlinks pointing to that post if you want higher rankings in search engines.

Search engines traffic is more converting type means search engines traffic can be converted into potential buyers easily.

If you sell some services and affiliate products then there are more chances of getting success. But don’t forget to place your affiliate link in that post.

2. Self-linking/Internal linking:optimize popular post

Self-linking is another way which will increase your blog traffic. Internal linking also helped me increase my blog traffic and reduce bounce rate. Self-linking not only increases traffic but also have some SEO benefits.

You should link to your popular posts and pages. Internal linking helps to retain your readers on your blog for the longest time and also reduces bounce rate.

It also passes some link juice which will help you to rank higher in search engines.

But take care that the links should be relevant and don’t use same anchor text again and again. Links should come naturally and don’t try to stuff the links in a post.

How can link placement affect your traffic and revenue?

I have also found that peoples check out the relevant links and links which are placed at the starting of post gets the higher number of clicks.

I have published a post which got 1000+ views and the first link on that post is pointing to my article which got 200+ page views just because of internal linking.

popular posts

And the second link which is pointing to another domain got 100+ page views.

popular posts

So my suggestion is to add your links to starting portion of your blog post. You can also add your affiliate at starting if your blog post for better conversion. But remember links should be natural and relevant.

3. Lock your Content:optimize popular post

Placing social locker/content locker on popular posts is another method to make content more popular. When you place social locker in your post you content get locked. And to make your content visible you have to share it over social media.

Content locker/social locker provides features to like facebook pages, subscribe to Newsletter option etc.

So this method not only drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog but you can also convert readers to your subscribers.

If you are using WordPress then you can use Social Locker Plugin by Mythemeshop.

4. Republish Old Content:optimize popular post

Updating content is also necessary for creating new content. Evey year, every day and every second things are getting changed.

If you want your readers never miss out the latest and refreshing content then you need to update your content frequently with the latest information.

Once you have updated your content you can republish that content so your new readers get a chance to read that amazing content.

Also if you are busy at work and can’t create new content then I advise you to just republish old content.

5. Share on Social Media:

After updating your content with the latest information you can share it on the social media platform. By sharing it again on social media you can drive some extra traffic and make your popular post more popular.

You can use social sharing plugins for sharing your content.

Also read: 28 places where you can share your blog post

6. Optimize your Sidebar and About Page:

You can use the sidebar to show your popular post. When I visit someone ‘s blog I never forget to check out two things:

  • Popular/Trending post column in the sidebar
  • About Page

And there are other people who do the same things. So you have to make proper use of Sidebar and About page.

About page gets most of the views after the homepage because peoples are interested to know more about the blog author and their story.

You can also use Sidebar widgets to show Adsense and affiliate ads. Similarly, you can add subscription option in your about page and add some affiliate links.

Try to place the affiliate banners and ads on top of the sidebar because widgets placed at the top of sidebar get noticed easily.

You can also use Mythemeshop’s  themes which allow you to create a different sidebar for different pages, posts, categories and archive.

During writing the post you can select which sidebar you want to show for the specific post.

7. Add subscription option:

You may have heard that money is on the list. If you want to earn money from your blog then you have to start collecting your reader’s email.

Your present readers can be the future buyer of your products and service.

So place email subscription box on most popular pages, posts, below the post and also on the sidebar. For better result, you can set up a popup email option form.

8. Use banners and Affiliate links:


To increase earnings you can add Adsense code, banners, and affiliate links to your post.  For showing ads, you can use some plugins or you can use themes which have predefined options for showing ads.

The header is the place where the sight of every user gets stuck. And for better conversion, you add affiliate banners and Adsense ads in the head section of the blog.

You can also place ads below the post title, between the content, and below the content. To increase your revenue and page views you can use Schema theme.

Schema theme allows you to show ads on head section, below post title and below content.

You can read the review of Schema theme: Fastest SEO theme.


These are small changes which you can make on your blog to increase traffic and for that, you don’t have to work hard. You will get free traffic by just following these 8 tips.

If you have any other suggestion for optimizing popular posts you can tell us by dropping a comment below.

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